Mocktail Hour

Using our new library catalogue find the perfect appetizer book for the cocktail party you are hosting & learn how to mix up a perfect cocktail with these books.

The LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine is a good resource for Cocktails and Mocktails.

Measure Like a Mixologist: A Guide to Jiggers: “With the rise of bartending culture and classic cocktails, the jigger has become the mark of precision and care in crafting cocktails. We have now come to expect our Manhattans and Martinis will be made with some mathematical formulae—two to one or three to one—and measured to order”. To learn more about what jiggers to use for mixing read this article.

Have a drink with the best of them, try one of these famous writer’s cocktails of choice.

Get set for cocktail hour

I made three non-alcoholic drinks for January, the first was a Frost Bite Mocktail and the second a Cucumber Mojito, and the third an Iced Tea Dance. It is nice to go from sweet to refreshing.

Iced Tea Dance – recipe from Cocktails Galore. This is a cooled fruit tea paired with a sprite or 7-up to top up with slices of frozen tangerine and ice cubes.

Frost Bite Mocktail

Substitutions/variations: I used a lemon soda instead of a lemon-lime soda for the first batch and that also tasted good.

Cucumber Mojito

Mojito anyone?

Mojito anyone?

 This was a nice light refreshing drink and the cucumber although I used less was still flavourful enough. The mojito was more time consuming than the mocktail so to spare some time I added more club soda to my first drink when it was empty. However, I would recommend adding some sugar if you plan to do this if you like a sweeter drink.


  • I do not own a muddler, instead I used the back of a spoon or you could also use any rounded/flat end of a kitchen utensil
  • White Rum: Left out to make this a non-alcoholic version
  • Cucumbers: I pureed half of one cucumber and then sliced the rest (I used the mulling technique & steps for making a single serving drink but used the ‘party serving’ portions for ingredients from this recipe)

Variations on Mojito recipe: Cucumber slices only as in this All Recipe Mint-Cucumber Mojitos recipe or half cucumber puree and half cucumber slices as in this wikiHow to Make a Cucumber Mojito recipe which is nice because it gives you the version for a single glass or a pitcher sized version for a party (8 servings).

This was an interesting twist on the mojito from the wikiHow website as well: “To add pineapple flavor to the single mojito, simply muddle some pineapple with the lime wedges, sugar and mint. Or replace 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of club soda with 1 ounce of pineapple juice. … For a twist on the pitcher of cucumber mojitos, peel, chop and puree one small pineapple and one small cucumber together in a blender or food processor. Add the puree to the pitcher of mojitos.”


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