Cheers to a new you!

Barrielicious is here again! January 28th – Febuary 8th

Let the healthy eating begin!

There are health benefits to drinking tea. Local Foods has tins of tea from Rebecca at Clearview Tea Company, both for sale in the store and to savour downstairs in The Café, including: Creemore Market Blend and Royal Blend (both black teas selected by the Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park to sell under a private label in their gift shop at Wellesley & University). I enjoyed a delicious cup of London Fog tea made with their Early Grey tea at the Creemore Coffee Company in Collingwood.

You can also find Creemore Tea sold at Café Fromagerie in Barrie.

Places to meet friends in the new year – Catch up over a cup of coffee or tea

  • Goodness Me! is open in Barrie, just in time for you to make healthy eating plans for 2015. Sign-up for their cooking classes with a partner or friend, they offer paid and free courses. Goodness Me! has their own organic farm located just 30 minutes from most of their stores, which grows organic produce for all Goodness Me! stores.
  • Local Foods Café is now offering brunch on weekends; try out their fresh local healthy fare breakfast on Saturday or Sunday from 11-2.
  • Catch up with friends this new year at the Grounded Coffee Midland and try a cup of their coffee.
  • Lazy Tulip Café – Features local art and live music, all coffees and teas can be made with 2%, soy milk or almond milk
  • Creative Café – Create pottery
  • Pair-a-Dice Boardgame Café – Play boardgames
  • English & Miller – Serves British high tea (call in advance)
  • Barrie Bean Counter – Serving Balzac’s Coffee Roasters
  • Williams Fresh Café – Serving breakfast, lunch, dessert and hot and cold beverages.
  • Warwick & Hughes Food Market – Features Simply Tea & Chocolate & baked
  • Canvas & Cabernet – Paint and enjoy the wine lounge and European style menu of charcuterie and specialty cheeses and chocolate
  • Casa Cappuccino – features live music & events
  • MacLaren Art Centre Radio Café – Fresh espresso from Hamley’s Tea and Coffee Co., & loose leaf tea and tea products from Kali’s Kollection Whole World Trade Organic
  • Unity Market Café & Studios – serving Hamleys teas & coffees, also features local artists and music
  • Bohemia Barrie – fresh locally sourced breakfast & lunches. Enjoy tea in a pot and cups with saucers.

Appetizers for New Years

Old is New!

  • Enjoy some humour and learn something new this year with the Dictionary of Middle-English Cooking Terms
  • Revisit some old Fashioned Cooking Terms:
  • From the book Wordbirds enjoy these cooking terms:
    • baregnawn (adj.) Eaten bare. Who hasn’t scraped the ice-cream container, hoping for one more spoonful, but found it baregnawn? Try the lid…there might be a little bit more.
    • coquinate (v.) To behave as a cook. Some chefs you see on cooking programs have stupendous stove skills, and others…not so much. But whatever their level of expertise, if they’re good at coquinating, they know how to wield a whisk with conviction; and if you copy them, you can, too.

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