Sweets that don’t go to your Hips

The cookbook club’s April theme is healthy desserts.

My Podleski sister’s cookbooks are a go-to for good recipes. The new Looneyspoons Collection didn’t let me down this month. I made Greta’s Gluten-Free Miracle Brownies. The gluten free flour I used may have been why my brownies didn’t rise as well as those in the picture. Baker beware: I find when baking gluten free it generally is best to use the flour combination or flour brand recommended in the recipe for best results. My experience with this recipe proves the wisdom I had but ignored due to time constraints. Substitutions for what was in my cupboard:

  • 57% dark chocolate cocoa with some cane sugar
  • dairy free mini chocolate chips
  •  Isaiah’s flour gluten-free flour blend from this cookbook

Cooking time: 25 min. + 15min. My brownies needed an extra 15 minutes cooking time as they were still gooey in the centre. My oven is temperamental.

Gluten-free fudgy brownies

Gluten-free fudgy brownies

Find more healthy recipes in the library catalogue.

Family Recipes – March Theme

I am playing catch-up my family recipes from March are only getting posted now. I really enjoyed going through my recipes and finding true family recipes or ‘new’ (one generation) family recipes. What a difference to flip through my binder of recipes and see hand written recipes among typed recipes as well as ones printed from the internet and photocopied or clipped from magazines. A few years back my sister typed and photocopied all of our parents family recipes from all the looseleaf recipe cards and sheets of paper and compiled them into a binder which she shared with everyone in the family. I used this binder for my recipes in March. At our March meeting club members shared some keepsake cookbooks from their families and we had great discussion around them. Casserole, if I am not mistaken my recipe was from my Mom’s high school cooking class. My notes are handwritten with no exact measurements.

Mom's casserole

Mom’s casserole

My Dad makes wonderful chicken wings. He would always make a hot and ‘wimpy’ batch for my friends when we had parties at our cottage. These hot wings are even better wood smoked on his hand crafted wood smoker/enclosed fire pit. This version is oven baked.

Bob's Broil Wings

Bob’s Broil Wings

My Granny’s jam jams didn’t get a picture before they were all eaten. They are cookies with jam in the centre. I ended up using corn syrup because my molasses was questionably over a year old, they were lighter in colour but otherwise no noticeable difference. My Nana used to freeze these in large film canisters with wax paper layers between them for the holidays.

Find family recipe cookbooks at the library.


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