Raw Food

I found so many appetizing raw recipes for this month’s theme and it was so hot last week and this week that I was inspired to make a few raw meals instead of just one. I plan on buying some of these cookbooks as the recipes were really simple, healthy and delicious.

The Complete Raw Food: Liquid Raw by Lisa Montgomery

Green smoothie

Green smoothie

Substitutions: No spinach, extra kale, added blueberries

Good Vibrations smoothie

Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano with Erika Lenkert

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Nano's Salad

Nano’s Salad


Fettuccine Alfredo before the sauce


Fettuccine Alfredo with Mac Cream

Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone by Jennifer Cornbleet

Apple compote

Apple compote

2013-05-07 13.20.41

Ginger spice cookies

2013-05-07 10.37.51

Dark Chocolate Truffles Part 1

2013-05-07 12.30.58

Dark Truffles Part 2


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