Cheese Tasting in January

January we will be bringing in the New Year with Gouda For You visiting the Cookbook Club to talk about and share samples of cheese. To cleanse our palates we will be serving apples, pickled grapes, and sparkling juice. Here are some tips on serving apples with Canadian cheese and serving Canadian cheese with apple drinks.

Become a cheese connoisseur:

Host your own wine and cheese party:

Did you know:

  • The Canadienne dairy cow is the only dairy breed native to North America, and is extremely rare today except in certain areas of Quebec. Source.
  • The Dairy Farmers of Canada sponsors a national cheese competition – the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.
  • Canada produces more than 665 different varieties of fine cheeses including raw milk, goat and sheep cheeses.
    • 477 varieties are produced in Quebec (71.7%)
    • 125 varieties are produced in Ontario (18.8%)
    • 63 varieties are produced in other Canadian provinces (9.5%) Source.

Local Barrie cheese shops:

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Chantale – BPL staff


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