Nutrition and Diet

Here are a few Canadian websites on nutrition:

  1. The Canadian Diabetes Association’s Top 10 Tips for Tasty and Healthy Meals.
  2. Eat well with Canada’s Food Guide, do you remember this from school? Brush up here.
  3. Ever wonder how to read the nutrition labels on your food? Find out from Health Canada’s  interactive Nutrition Facts Table.
  4. Your Healthy Weight – Shaping up with milk products.

We love Canadian Cooks!

For those of you looking to gift or read a great cookbook here are a few Canadian cookbooks to explore: “Good in the Kitchen: The Great Canadian Cookbooks Lit Wish List”.  A Canadian nutrition book to try: Leslie Beck’s Longevity Diet .

Find a Nutrition & Diet Recipe at the Library

Use these two links to search for library cookbooks in the catalogue on nutrition and diet.

Borrow a nutrition or diet magazine from the library. The following magazines have recipes: Natural Health, Vegetarian Times, Prevention and, Women’s Health.

Articles on Cookbook Clubs

How to start a cooking club10 Reasons to Love cooking clubsGetting your cookbook club organized.

Cookbook Lit

Check out Ophrah’s 6 Books Foodies Will Love.

Chantale – BPL staff


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