Soup’s On!

There is nothing like soup on a cold and rainy day. Spinach was the inspiration for my soup as I needed to use it up before it went bad. My meal for November incorporates two of the Japanese recipes that I didn’t have time to cook in October and a soup.

From Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata by Oshihiro Murata I loosely followed these side dishes. Why all the substitutions? I don’t eat soy, gluten, dairy or peanuts, and I also use what I have on hand in a pinch.

The Recipes from Murata’s cookbook:Spinach with Peanut Sauce & Green Beans with Sesame Sauce.

Substitutions for spinach dish: bok choy for spinach and almond butter for peanut butter, no sugar. Used olive oil and crushed almonds for topping.

Substitutions for green bean dish: I didn’t boil the green beans but instead fried them in canola oil with garlic and sesame seeds. I left out the salt, sugar, and soy sauce.

From Jamie’s Food Revolution by Jaime Oliver I made the Asian Chicken Noodle Broth

Substitutions for soup:

  • Instead of five spice I made an Asian spice with garlic and onion powder, ground black pepper and ginger and red pepper flakes
  • Used almonds in place of cashews (2 handfuls and soaked almonds for 30 minutes)
  • Instead of snow peas, asparagus and baby corn I used red pepper and carrots
  • Did not use soy sauce
  • Used vegetable broth
  • Dried chillies instead of fresh red chile
  • Mixed seeds – used poppy, sesame and pine nut mix

I dressed up at work for Halloween as a 50’s woman. Here is my ‘cooking outfit’ and me eating my leftovers for lunch.

Smiling makes the work go faster.

Chantale – BPL staff


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