Vegetarian Pilaf, Fresh Corn, Salad & Garlic Bread

Pilaf Recipe: From The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped by Tosca Reno – From India with Love Quinoa Pilaf


Additions & alterations to pilaf recipe: 1/2 small diced onion, 2 cups sliced mushrooms, 3 cups diced and cooked baby potatoes, no cinnamon stick used

Substitutions to pilaf: 1/2 tsp ground cumin seeds, 1/8 tsp coriander seeds

Corn: Boiled sweet corn on the cob


Salad: Diced cucumber, halved strawberries, raspberries and arugula


Garlic bread: Gluten free baguette, butter and 2 cloves Northern Siberian garlic


Local foods used in recipes: corn, potatoes, mushrooms, jalapeno, strawberries, Organic Oven (gluten & egg free) baguette and garlic

Chantale – BPL staff


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